Dancing Wipers: Windshield Wipers That Swing
Dancing Wipers: Windshield Wipers That Swingの画像

Instead of adding to the driving cacophony, windshield wipers can enhance musical audition, reinforcing a beat by augmenting the rhythm, increasing the signal:noise ratio by increasing the signal and masking the noise, providing “visual music,” the dance of the wipers. We recast the windshield wipers of an automobile with advanced multimedia technology, allowing the wipers to dance to music.

Michael Cohen is Professor of Computer Arts at the University of Aizu, where he heads the Spatial Media Group, researching interactive multimedia. Rob Oudendijk of YR-Design is an engineer/dancer, currently involved in the development of the next-generation Geiger counters at Safecast. Yuka Hayashi does design, video, translation, and IT assistant work together with their team member, Kitty-chan.

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