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Taewon Kang

MineMaze II
Taewon Kang
‘MineMaze II’ is a project includes EEG Focus Recognition + Minecraft Maze Game (Developed Java Plugin to add function for suitable to maze game) project.
When user focus, EEG-OpenBCI and Python Software detects the brainwave and ‘Steve’ in Minecraft goes forward. (Used Python language to make a focus detection algorithm) Use your brain to escape the maze within the time limit!
Hello, my name is Taewon Kang. I’m 16 years old and I’m from Seoul, Korea (Sejong Academy of Science and Arts/2nd grade). I am a curious person, and I have a lot of good ideas. I am not afraid of trying new things. and I like to challenge myself. I want to learn about the wide world and make a better future. (Facebook: @itsc.kang) (