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WiFiBoy BLE Dev Kit & Fun Projects
WiFiBoy Dev Kits support students to make their own games and toys easily with Micropython and Blockly powered core and tools. It’s the best idea to learn programming with smart and fun projects. In 2018, the new innovative tiny nRF52 BLE board will be the best core to create your own interactive toys and games easily. will exhibit several fun projects by Taiwanese students.
プロフィール was founded by Ricky Lai when he was fourteen years old. Ricky debuted WiFiBoy with IoT modules ESP8266/ESP32 helping students to learn programming by making fun games. In 2018, Ricky builds a tiny BLE kit for tinkering toys. The innovative BLE core engine supports wireless REPL interactive dev tool powered by MicroPython and Blockly for students to reinvent their own toys easily.